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I started reading Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz and though how better to learn about concurrency in java then build an application the is concurrent! So I thought it’d be a good idea to start with a flavor of file IO. I’m by no means an amazing programmer. I just have a knack for solving problems in an organization fashion. That doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to be one of the greats, it just means I’m not there yet.

With that said this isn’t an algorithm that will by any means compete with the software that already exisits for encryption, it is merely an exercise in software architecture as well as concurrency in Java.


At the moment the application has a CLI, it takes as arguments, the input file, output file, and an encryption key. Here is the Data model:

Encryption Algorithm

The algorithm used tp encrypt is a simple symmetric encryption, encrypt over positive key, decrypt over negative. The algorithm gets the integer value of the character and performs simple additions an modulo then convert the integer back to a character.

protected char encryptChar(char character){
  if(this.key >= 0 && character > 31 && character < 127) {
    character = (char) ((((int) character - 32) + 2 * 95 + this.key) % 95 + 32);
  } else if (this.key < 0 && character > 3 && character < 127 ) {
    character = (char) ((((int) character - 32) + 2 * 95 - (-1*this.key)) % 95 + 32);
  return character;

See I told you it was simple.