TL;DR I have a JavaScript project called pomodoro, it was written in ES5, now it’s written in ES6 as of this morning (April 13, no it’s not Friday).

If you’re new to ES6 and want a quick reference guide, I suggest airbnb JavaScript style guide If you’re looking for something a little bit more technical I suggest the ES6 feature guide.


When someone tells you they are going to look at your code, it shouldn’t make you nervous, especially after 4 years of programming. Well, when Shopify told me they were going to look, I got nervous; dream job, dream company, you get the picture.

After making a PR (pull request) on one of their projects for a simple change I’m almost embarassed about, I saw they embrace ES6. I thought about what cool (to me) projects I had made in JavaScript and how I could go about converting from ES5 to ES6.


As a generally OO (Object Oriented) developer; yes I know JavaScript does have a unique OO approach, but that’s not what this post is about. The obligatory prototypical inheritance blog post is coming. Focus Sky, OOP and JavaScript, I loved the whole class concept that comes with ES6. It’s really no different but provides a cute way to write code and avoid that dreaded god object of a return statement. This leads me to my first point of the benefit of converting from ES5 to ES6: use classes to separate out functionality.

Next up, compatibility. Moving to ES6 something to keep in mind is support for older browsers. Some of the functionality available in ES6 isnt’ available in ES5. This is fine for writing node applications as node runs ES6 by default. Thanks to the tried and true babel we don’t really have to worry about that. I wrote a blog post explaining how to configure babel to build your ES6 into ES5 to run it on older browsers.

Finally, documentation; This point doesn’t really have much to do with ES6 or ES5 but it is something I find very important. I know Ruby has many documentation generators, rdoc being my favourite and I’m still learning it. Coming from Java, I know, I know they taught me it in school please don’t spread it or, hold it against me, something I really like is javadoc for generating documentation. JavaScript has some tools jsdoc, yuidoc which provide very similar functionality to javadoc especially with this whole class structure. My final point is document, document, document because it’s easy and tools will do the heavy lifting for you.

Final Thoughts

This really isn’t a How To Convert Your Code From ES5 to ES6 post, it’s more of an explanition of how ES6 has made my life, as a developer easier and more enjoyable. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the code samples below.

Code Samples