TL;DR I put up a good fight against rails asset pipeline. The only solution I could get to work was adding config.assets.debug = true to my production.rb.

This story begins with my new app, Focus. Focus is a task management application that uses the pomodoro technique to break tasks down into manageable bites to help you complete your goal.


Picture me, programming along, regression testing my Javascript module like a good boy, this happens to be my pomodoro package. Everything is working fine in testing and development. Time to ship the MVP off to production. Then it happens, the asset pipeline crushes me, my javascrip’s not working.


When shipping in the production environment, rails compresses and minifies our Javascript for us, how nice. This is not something new, however it is the first time I experienced an issue.

What exactly happened is, when I deployed Focus.into production, some of my javascript failed to load the normal way, and I was getting TypeErrors.


The solution I came up with was to deploy the assets to production as is, i.e. in debug mode. This is done simply by placing config.assets.debug = true in your production.rb. To cut down on load times, you can also set config.serve_static_files = true and precompile your assets in production. This can simply be done by running RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile.