• The biggest moment in 2016, I got engaged to my wonderful, now fiancé.


  • I ran a nicely paced half marathon in 2:02.21.



In 2016, I graduated and got a job in my field 4 days after I walked across the stage.


Spotify didn’t send my year in review, because I didn’t have my settings properly configured, so I created a GitHub repo as an example of how I did this, 2016-music. Anyways, here is my top 20 artists of 2016:

  1. Keaton Henson
  2. mewithoutYou
  3. The Head and the Heart
  4. In Flames
  5. Brand New
  6. Bon Iver
  7. Wiz Khalifa
  8. Yanni
  9. Flyleaf
  10. Luke Bryan
  11. Passenger
  12. Saosin
  13. Yiruma
  14. Modern Life Is War
  15. Eluveitie
  16. Walk Off the Earth
  17. Wintersun
  18. La Dispute
  19. Vance Joy
  20. Priki

We went to Cuba



In 2016 I did a lot of side projects as I started to grow myself as a developer and reach out trying to figure out which technologies I enjoyed working with.

  • Made 1,160 contributions in 2016.
  • I created 35 repositories.
  • This year I my top 3 languages were Java, JavaScript, and Ruby.


  • Goodreads: manage my bookshelf/lack of, digitally.
  • workflowy: keep notes on all of the things.
  • Fitbit: Track workouts and steps.


This year my reads were all over the place, I didn’t really track how much/what I read.

  • The Art of Asking (audio)
  • Core Questions in Philosophy
  • Outlines of Pyrrhonism
  • The Google Resume
  • Sapiens (audio)
  • The 50th Law (audio)
  • The Aeneid
  • Plate: Five Dialogues


In 2017, I would like to:

  • Travel/Spend more meaningful time with my family and fiancé.
  • Train and run a full marathon.
  • Spend time decluttering physically and digitally.
  • Start a Commonplace book.
  • Track as much of my activities as I can: how I spend my time, which teas/coffees I drink, routes/distances I run, apps I try, movies/shows I watch.